To begin this post, I would like to thank all our pre-order customers for being patient while we have been working on making sure everything is up to par. Some of you have been with us many months, and we appreciate the commitment to the end product.

And on that topic, I am very excited to announce we are entering full production! That's right, everything is set to go, and orders will begin production next Monday. All pre-orders will be fulfilled first come first serve. We are also working to get a good photo set ready to go for our website, which should hopefully be done within the next two weeks. However, due to the timing of our full release, and the aforementioned lack of pictures, we decided to leave the pre-order pricing through Monday to give everyone one last chance to grab it at a significant discount.

On Monday, we will be ending pre-order pricing and moving the price up to 400$ plus shipping. We're extremely excited to get the ball rolling! We are also going to begin to accept people into our Partnership program in the near future, so if you are interested please submit a contact form and we will get in touch when we open it up.


Howdy folks, it's been a while.

Needless to say, things have been quiet for a while. We've kept everyone who pre-ordered up to date, but have erred on the side of caution since missing our goal for launch. Anyways, this post is a bit of a catchup to get the game rolling again.

So what happened?

Initially when we first set up our site and started outreach, we were planning to take pre-orders in November and launch production within the first weeks of December. We had a handful of manufacturers we had reached out to to help make a mold, but over time they all fell through. Some of the estimates were over 100k for a single piece of a very complicated mold, and others simply ghosted us. We're not naming names- no shaming here.

But as time went on, our team spent a lot of time learning about the manufacturing processes themselves. 3D printing, CNC milling, and more. Eventually we shifted away from having someone else make our molds to wanting to do it in-house. By doing that, we not only could tweak designs and replace parts on the fly, but vastly speed up any expansion we will hopefully soon need.

And that leads us to May. In early May we reached out to several 3D printing manufacturers to see who would be the best fit for our needs. Eventually we narrowed it down to a handful, and on July 9th we got our printer delivered to our doorstep. Let me just say, this thing can print some reaaaaally big stuff. Since then we've been fine tuning and testing over and over, and today? Today we just started the first of the mold pieces. You do not want to know the print time on these things, but to be safe we upgraded our workspace to have a simulated sine wave UPS with 2 hours backup power in case of power surges and storm outages. Dang thing is used for servers, so this printer gonna keep on trucking.

Over the next month, we'll be answering questions on Twitter @KoboldCreations and sharing some photos of our projects as it progresses.

Everyone loves a Black Friday deal, right?

To celebrate our launch and to give you a special deal, we're putting a 20% discount on the Thotter through Sunday.

Hop on over to the store and pre-order today to get the best deal you can. While we're here, I'll answer a few quick questions some people have asked! Q: "How large is the Thotter?" A: That's a complicated answer to give. The body has a natural curve to the back, but the total length not accounting for the curvature is approximately 20 inches. If you go foot-pads to the top of the head, it's about 15 inches. We estimate about 10 inches of useable internal length, which should be enough for most users. Q: "How much is it going to weigh?" A: This girl is gonna be thicc at a solid 12 pounds. Thankfully the design is flexible in how you use it, so you're not limited to one position and the weight can help hold it in place. Q: "Why are you doing pre-orders?" A: A big concern with pre-orders is that they are a scam. This project is not small, and we've put our own time and money into making it this far. We don't need pre-orders to get started! However, we wanted to get out and start letting people know we exist, and while we are at it we opened up pre-orders for those who want to be first in line when we get our molds finished. Q: "When will it be ready?" A: We estimate first shipping out in mid December, and early orders should arrive in time for Christmas if all goes well. We cannot offer a guarantee on delivery time for pre-orders, but we'll do our best.