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Annual Black Friday Sale!

To begin this post, I would like to thank all our pre-order customers for being patient while we have been working on making sure everything is up to par. Some of you have been with us many months, and we appreciate the commitment to the end product.

And on that topic, I am very excited to announce we are entering full production! That's right, everything is set to go, and orders will begin production next Monday. All pre-orders will be fulfilled first come first serve. We are also working to get a good photo set ready to go for our website, which should hopefully be done within the next two weeks. However, due to the timing of our full release, and the aforementioned lack of pictures, we decided to leave the pre-order pricing through Monday to give everyone one last chance to grab it at a significant discount.

On Monday, we will be ending pre-order pricing and moving the price up to 400$ plus shipping. We're extremely excited to get the ball rolling! We are also going to begin to accept people into our Partnership program in the near future, so if you are interested please submit a contact form and we will get in touch when we open it up.



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