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Black Friday Sale!

Everyone loves a Black Friday deal, right?

To celebrate our launch and to give you a special deal, we're putting a 20% discount on the Thotter through Sunday.

Hop on over to the store and pre-order today to get the best deal you can. While we're here, I'll answer a few quick questions some people have asked! Q: "How large is the Thotter?" A: That's a complicated answer to give. The body has a natural curve to the back, but the total length not accounting for the curvature is approximately 20 inches. If you go foot-pads to the top of the head, it's about 15 inches. We estimate about 10 inches of useable internal length, which should be enough for most users. Q: "How much is it going to weigh?" A: This girl is gonna be thicc at a solid 12 pounds. Thankfully the design is flexible in how you use it, so you're not limited to one position and the weight can help hold it in place. Q: "Why are you doing pre-orders?" A: A big concern with pre-orders is that they are a scam. This project is not small, and we've put our own time and money into making it this far. We don't need pre-orders to get started! However, we wanted to get out and start letting people know we exist, and while we are at it we opened up pre-orders for those who want to be first in line when we get our molds finished. Q: "When will it be ready?" A: We estimate first shipping out in mid December, and early orders should arrive in time for Christmas if all goes well. We cannot offer a guarantee on delivery time for pre-orders, but we'll do our best.


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